Casa Dranguet, the Center for Interpretation and Dissemination of the Cultural Heritage of Coffee, will today publish an official blog as a way of promoting the knowledge of coffee, which recognized by UNESCO.

The web site, launched in December 2016, covers valuable information related to the progress of the international project, Los Caminos del Café, sponsored by the Office of the City Conservator (OCC), the Franco-Belgian Malongo Foundation and the European Union.

The website focuses on traditions and customs that are centuries old, related to the domestic processing of the drink, including manual roasting and casting coffee in rural areas of Cuban.

Santiago culture, is also covered on the site, including the famous carnivals, declared a Cultural Patrimony of the nation, music and fine arts.

Casa Dranguet, is named after the first owner of the old house, the landowner and coffee grower Carlos Dranguet. It is located in the historic center of the city and very close to Céspedes Park.

Original source Periódico 26