The restoration of a house in the Cuban hacienda Fraternidad will return its esplendor to one of the buildings of the former French coffee plantation in this eastern Cuban province, which was declared a Humankind Heritage Site by UNESCO.

After doing archaeologic works, experts embarked in a comprehensive rehabilitation to repair the wooden elements, according to the website of Casa Dranguet, a center for the interpretation and promotion of the coffee cultural heritage.

Chief planner Yusbani Muxart stated that the elements that were in poor condition are being replaced, meaning a notable volume because this material is predominant in 19th-century rural houses.

He highlighted that in a four-hectare park, they will plant coffee trees to replicate these secular plantations, and by means of interpretive trailes, they will show visitors this productive environment of French families.

The expert noted that there are coffee trees that are being cultivated in nurseries and they will grow amid fruit-bearing trees that characterize the perimeters of the estate.

Inside the large house, details of the domestic life will be reproduced, with rooms, a library and a dining room to evoke the daily routine, and outside, the drying areas and its yards will be restored.

In order to serve as a sustainable and responsible tourist option, this rural facility is part of the international project Los Caminos del Cafe (The Coffee Roads), which is protected by the French-Belgian Foundation Malongo, the European Union and the Office of the Curator of Santiago de Cuba. Located in the areas of Ramón de Las Yaguas and The Escandel, Fraternidad is near the Plateau of Santa Maria of the Loreto, which has extraordinary natural values.

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