After meeting its plan in the current coffee crop, the Cuban province of Santiago de Cuba shows a sustained rise in production, with more than 1.5 million of cans collected.

Leonel Sanchez, official of the Agriculture Ministry in the territory, said there are some 48,134 cans of overproduction and the priority is to recover all the coffee possible in hands of the peasants.

Sánchez added that all plantations are ready to guarantee the timely planting of coffee in this eastern province, largest producer in the country, so its results are vital for domestic consumption and export purposes.

He recognized the effort and sustained work of the coffee growers, students and peasants from Santiago province, because without them it would be impossible to succeed, he said.

With these results, the territory grows regarding the previous campaign, but is still far from the potential of three millions in which they work from the results of the Coffee Development Program until 2020 to recover, promote and renew the eight massifs of this crop.

Santiago de Cuba, as largest producer in the country, is called to contribute in a relevant way to reduce the expenditure of about 40 million Cuban pesos, which the nation annually invests in coffee import.

Escrito por Radio Rebelde